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An abscess is an infection that can often look like a pimple on the gum. Pain from an abscess is due to the pressure of the infection on the surrounding area.

If the abscess is draining there will be little to no pain. When an abscess is not treated right away, the infection can last for months or even years.

If the infection is not treated, it can damage nearby tissues or teeth and cause bone loss in the jaw.

  • A gum abscess (also called a periodontal abscess) usually is caused by an infection in the space between the teeth and gums. The infection may happen after food gets trapped between the gum and tooth.
  • A tooth-related abscess (also called a periapical abscess) occurs inside the tooth. This happens when the tooth’s nerve is dead or dying. This type of abscess shows up at the tip of the tooth’s root.

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