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Beautiful smiles and healthy teeth and gums make a lasting impression. See for yourself! Our Before & After gallery is a showcase of amazing results. If you’re inspired, why not ask about the kind of results you can expect? Call TLC Dental on 9223 1457.

Teeth Whitening

Both patients here have undergone Natural+ Teeth Whitening. This procedure can provide instant results in as little as 1 hour. As you can see the results are fantastic and both patients were extremely happy with the outcome.

Improving a smile with Veneers and a Bridge

This patient’s bite was opened by building up her lower posterior teeth as there was not enough space to fit veneers due to an edge-to-edge bite.

A 3 unit ceramic bridge was constructed to close the gap caused from her missing upper right canine and porcelain veneers were placed on her upper front four teeth to improve aesthetics.

Enhancing a Smile

This patient lost a front tooth due to a fractured root and there were some prominent fracture lines on some of his other front teeth. A dental implant was placed in the gap where the tooth was lost. Tooth whitening was done on his teeth and a porcelain implant crown and three veneers were made for the four front teeth to create a beautiful smile .

Full mouth rejuvenation

This patient had several large old amalgams (silver fillings) which lost their strength over time and developed fracture lines. Beautiful new permanent crowns created stronger teeth and better aesthetic results.

A Smile Makeover

This patient requested a smile make-over to close the midline gap and reverse the crossbite on her right side. As her gum line was very uneven, we straightened her gum line and lengthened the short appearance of some of her teeth with cosmetic recontouring. Tooth whitening helped whiten her teeth and ceramic crowns and veneers were placed on eleven teeth to achieve the desired and successful result.

This patient lost his upper left canine (eye tooth) due to severe decay and a fracture. It was replaced with an implant and an all- ceramic crown. His upper and lower front teeth were severely worn down due to several years of grinding. In addition there was crowding of the upper front teeth. The teeth were restored with empress (a form of ceramic which are bonded to teeth) crowns and veneers, which greatly improved aesthetics.

Implant Crown

This patient had an existing crown-supported by a post on a root canal treated tooth. The crown had a history of falling out and it was found that there was a hairline fracture on the root. The tooth was removed and a implant was placed in this area at the same visit. After approximately ten to twelve weeks a permanent crown was placed and fitted onto the implant.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation plus Implant

This patient ground down or damaged most of his teeth over time. He was also very unhappy with the shortness of his front teeth. Treatment involved porcelain/ceramic crowns on all his teeth and a dental implant on an upper front tooth to reestablish a healthy mouth, plus some gum recontouring to increase the length of his teeth. The result is strong, healthy teeth and a very pleasing smile.

Anti-Ageing Dentistry

This outgoing female middle aged patient hated her worn, dark discoloured teeth, which caused her severe embarrassment and stopped her from smiling. She was also missing teeth in the back of her mouth which hampered her eating ability. All this made her look a lot older.

Treatment included gum recontouring to lengthen her teeth, PORCELAIN CROWNS on all of her upper teeth, and a precision fitting partial denture (no clips showing).

What is very mportant in this treatment is that her new teeth colour was chosen carefully to make her feel and look younger, not to give her unnaturally 20 year old bright white teeth.

Full Mouthand Smile Makeover

This patient wore down his teeth completely due to excessive grinding and drinking lots of sugared drinks. He also had severe gum disease. He was in real danger of losing all his teeth.

Treatment included periodontal(gum) treatment to treat the gum disease, and rebuilding almost all his teeth, followed by PORCELAIN/CERAMIC CROWNS and VENEERS.

Cosmetic Dentistry

This patient is a beautiful confident woman who hated her brown front twisted tooth and hence her smile. Treatment involved teeth whitening followed by 6 PORCELAIN/ CERAMIC VENEERS.

To create the “perfect” smile for her, her new teeth were first shown to her on a wax model. This enabled us to make subtle changes to the shape of the teeth until she was happy and then the expert dental technician made her final Veneers by copying this wax model.

Reconstructive Dentistry

This patient was involved in a sport related accident, in which he sustained a serious fracture on one front tooth (which ultimately could not be saved) and fractures on other front teeth. Treatment involved an IMPLANT to replace the lost tooth and 5 PORCELAIN/CERAMIC VENEERS, which also corrected the malaignment of the teeth.

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