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A Bridge is a dental treatment option used to replace one or more teeth. The teeth at each end of the gap are used as anchors to support the replacement tooth and to restore aesthetics and function.

It is essential to insert a replacement tooth as soon as possible when a tooth is lost, as teeth may move into the open space therefore changing your bite over time causing a collapsed bite . This changed bite may result in sore jaws, gum disease, or even decay difficulty in eating which may in turn, require extensive treatment.

Talk to TLC Dental about Bridges and Crowns. Both are fantastic options to ensure that your teeth are protected and that you maintain function, after extensive damage or the loss of a tooth.

It is important to replace a lost tooth or teeth as soon as possible as teeth may realign within the gap and change your bite over time. This may require more extensive treatment later.

Don’t put it off!

No matter when you experienced a lost tooth (or extraction), call on 02 8599 7107  to explore your best bridges options.

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