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Cosmetic Dentist Sydney

Most people feel that having a beautiful smile is important as it is one of the first things people notice . Because of this, it is becoming increasingly popular to seek treatment from a cosmetic dentist. Some are unsure of how cosmetic dentistry can benefit them or maybe they want to know more about it because their dentist has referred them for a particular procedure or treatment.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Options

Cosmetic dentistry has more to do with improving the aesthetics of your smile, the look of your teeth, such as color, shape and irregularity as opposed to function and oral health. More and more people are searching for ways to improve their smile and are turning to cosmetic dentistry. Here are some treatments that may benefit those looking into this type of dental procedure.


One of the most popular and affordable types of treatment is getting teeth whitened which gives a white and bright look to teeth. It can really change a person’s smile to whiten teeth that have a lot of stains. This can occur from drinking beverages such as coffee, tea and soda. Certain foods, nicotine from cigarettes and chewing tobacco can also contribute to unwanted discoloration of the teeth. Some have discoloration due to hereditary reasons.

There are many teeth whitening products out there on the market; however, in office teeth whitening is the most effective effective compared to what can be purchased over-the-counter making it the best value for your dollar. Another thing to consider is the benefit of having a trained dental professional take care to ensure your safety and the very best results.


For those who need braces but want metal-free teeth straightening, SureSmile and ClearCorrect are two options we offer. Some may have social concerns by having metal brackets and wires to straighten their smile. SureSmile and ClearCorrect are clear and molded to the teeth so one has the benefits of wearing braces, but it won’t be so obvious.


Dental Implants can fix a smile with missing or broken teeth. Dental Implants are like dentures because they are false teeth, but they are held in place with a screw at the jaw. It is very difficult to tell the difference between real teeth and implants. They offer a very natural look where dentures do not, however, they must be taken care of to keep them as clean as possible.


Dental Veneers are a common and affordable option to correct many different problems. They can correct crooked teeth, fix teeth that are broken, chipped, have cracks or are losing enamel.

Dental Veneers are fine slivers or porcelain or plastic that are placed on the front of the tooth that needs to be corrected. After having an impression of the tooth, the custom- made veneer will be cemented to the tooth. The dentist will then make sure it is comfortable, the correct color and that it will have the appropriate thickness by buffing the tooth.


Dental Crowns are caps that cover the entire tooth to fix a particular issue. Dental Crowns are less affordable but for a long-term solution, they last a very long time and can be worth the investment. A dentist who offers this permanent treatment will perform thorough scans in order to determine if having a crown is the right treatment for you.


If an individual has a missing tooth in between two other teeth a dental bridge can be a great option. A bridge is a false tooth that fills the gap between the other two teeth. The greatest benefit is being able to chew easier but will also make a smile complete.

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