Emergency Dentist Sydney – When Accidents Happen

Emergency Dentist Sydney

Often when we think of the word “emergency” we are not likely to envision a trip to the dentist office. In fact, when we speak of emergencies most of us will imagine being rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital emergency room. The truth is that emergency dental care needs arise more often than most people think.

Let’s imagine you are riding your bike around the neighborhood, finally getting outside for some fresh air and exercise. Suddenly you ride too fast over a bump in the road and end up falling off the bike. You hit the pavement, face first causing blunt trauma to the face and mouth. Upon examination, you notice that a permanent front tooth is extremely loose and as you start to clean up the blood the tooth falls out completely. What do you do now?

Emergency Dentist for Sports Injuries

Dental emergencies are also quite common for those who play sports. Mouth injuries occur quite frequently if you play baseball, soccer, rugby etc. The injuries related to being involved with sports can be painful and you can find yourself experiencing blunt trauma to the jaw and teeth. When this happens, a trip to an emergency dentist is the right thing to do. At TLC Dental, they set aside appointment slots for just such cases. Otherwise, not only would you be miserable due to the level of pain, but you would likely also have a hard time presenting yourself in public if you were missing a tooth. A broken/missing tooth also makes it hard to eat and speak properly as well. TLC Dental is here for you to get the immediate dental care you need when accidents happen.

Treatment offered at TLC Dental

At TLC dental we offer many services that can help in an emergency situation. Some of this services are dental veneers, dental crowns, and bridges. Veneers are fine slivers of porcelain, metal or composite material that are placed on the front of the tooth that needs to be corrected. While dental crowns are caps that cover the entire tooth to fix a particular issue. Finally bridges are utilized when there is a missing tooth between two other teeth by placing a false tooth between the teeth to fill in the gap.

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