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If you’re interested in clear braces then you’re not alone. Reports show that over 40,000 Australians use clear aligner therapy to straighten their teeth and achieve a perfect smile. Not sure what clear aligners are? They’re another name for Invisalign.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth using clear, removable aligners. This makes it an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal braces for people who want to improve their smile without wearing conspicuous metal brackets and wires.

Invisalign is FDA-approved and has been used by over 7 million people worldwide, but how much does Invisalign cost? Is Invisalign much more expensive than metal brackets? In this quick guide, we’ll answer those questions and more to help you make the right decision.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is an aesthetic orthodontic treatment that gradually moves the teeth to their desired positions through a series of clear, custom-made aligners.

Before you can understand Invisalign costs, it’s important to understand what’s involved in the treatment plan. After all, it is the specialised work that your dentist does in developing your Invisalign treatment plan along with the technology used that ultimately forms the final cost.

What Happens During an Invisalign Consultation?

First, you’ll visit a dentist trained in Invisalign. If you’re in Sydney, Australia then you can visit TLC Dental and book a visit with Dr Hoffenberg.

From there, our team will take impressions and x-rays of your teeth. We want to get a good look at your entire mouth and bite to be able to create a digital 3D model of your smile.

From this model, we will develop a detailed treatment plan, including the exact movements of your teeth from their current position to their final desired position. Then, our qualified team will send off for your custom-made aligners to be created based on your treatment plan.

What Happens During Invisalign Treatment?

Depending on your custom treatment plan, this means that you’ll typically wear each aligner for seven to ten days before moving on to the next in the series.

As you progress through your aligners, your teeth will gradually shift into place (about 0.25 to 0.3 millimetres with each aligner).

However, this is only the case if you’re diligent about wearing your aligners. We recommend that patients wear them for at least 22 hours a day. It’s best if you only remove them to eat and brush your teeth.

Sounds simple enough, right? In most cases, it is.

The number of aligners required and the length of treatment varies depending on your orthodontic needs. This also influences the cost of Invisalign (but we’ll get into that in just a bit).

Overall, most patients will see noticeable results within a few months of starting treatment. Some patients may require additional treatments, such as tooth whitening or bonding, to achieve their desired results.

On average, the entire process takes about a year from start to finish. However, it’s important to understand that it can vary depending on your case.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Now that you understand how Invisalign works, you likely understand a little bit about how the cost of Invisalign treatment is calculated.

The cost of Invisalign treatment varies depending on several factors, including the severity of your misalignment, the length of your treatment, and whether you have any additional dental work that needs to be done.

In general, though, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 for Invisalign treatment, but it could start from as little as $2,000 depending on the dentist you’re working with.

Of course, the best way to get an accurate estimate of your treatment costs is to consult with an experienced dentist in Sydney.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect to pay for Invisalign based on average costs in Australia.


The cost of Invisalign treatment for mild cases can start at $2,000 but typically costs between $3,000 and $5,000. This includes the cost of the treatment itself, as well as any necessary dental visits and exams.

However, the final cost will vary depending on the specific case and the length of treatment required. There is Invisalign Express which is a treatment designed for patients with minor orthodontic problems.

With Invisalign Express 5 you receive 5 aligners for a treatment duration of about three to six months. Or, you can opt for Express 10 and receive 10 aligners throughout the same time.

Both treatments are much faster than a regular treatment of Invisalign that lasts about a year. This means that there are reduced costs and you can expect to pay anywhere between $2,500 to $3,500 (on average).


If you only need moderate work done then it’s likely that your treatment plan will require up to 14 aligners. In this case, there is more planning that goes into developing your aligners and, well, more aligners!

This increases the average cost of Invisalign to about $4,000 if you need between 11 to 14 aligners. You can expect to wear these aligners for seven months instead of the six mentioned in the Invisalign Express options.

While this isn’t a big difference, it’s still a great way to achieve your desired smile in record time. It’s also important to note that the average cost for 14 to 20 aligners in other parts of Australia and the world can cost you well over $4,500, so this is quite a steal.

However, the final cost will be determined by your orthodontist during your consultation.


For severe cases, which are most people who have never had braces before, you will need a full treatment plan. This means that you’ll need anywhere from 15 to 40 aligners. Depending on the total number of aligners needed, you can expect to wear them for 11 to 18 months.

How much is Invisalign in this case? Average costs in Australia for a full treatment plan go anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 or more. At TLC Dental, we often quote at least $6,000 for full Invisalign treatment.

Typically, with severe cases, there are other issues present such as severe jaw misalignment and other factors that can greatly affect the total price of your treatment plan. Keep this in mind and ask your dentist this as part of your initial consultation.

Ultimately, if you have a more complex dental problem that requires longer treatment, you may end up paying more for Invisalign.

What Impacts the Cost of Invisalign?

As you hopefully know by now, the cost of Invisalign treatment can vary depending on several factors, including the severity of the misalignment, the length of treatment, and whether or not insurance will cover part of the cost.

Let’s explore what those factors really mean and how they influence the cost of Invisalign.

Complexity of Treatment

The cost of Invisalign treatment can vary depending on the complexity of your case.

Let’s say that you only want to straighten your two front teeth that are slightly out of place. In this case, it may only take a few aligners to straighten your teeth. This will be less expensive than a more complex case that requires multiple aligners and a longer treatment time.

Additionally, your doctor may recommend other treatments to be used in conjunction with Invisalign, such as tooth bonding or dental veneers, which can also impact the overall cost of treatment.

However, keep in mind that Invisalign is typically much less expensive than traditional braces, so it is still a very affordable option for most patients.

Patient Consistency With Aligners

Your level of compliance will determine the overall success of the treatment and how long it will take to achieve the desired results.

For example, if you don’t wear the aligners for the prescribed amount of time each day, the treatment will take longer. It may also be less effective in the long run.

This means that patient compliance is an important factor in determining the cost of Invisalign. In some cases, patients may need to be monitored closely to ensure they are wearing their aligners as directed. This can add to the overall cost of treatment.

Dentist Expertise & Treatment Plan

Dentists who have been trained and certified in Invisalign can be more expensive than those who have not. But, in most cases, you will get what you pay for in terms of the results.

Dentists that have been trained can provide you with a treatment plan that is tailored specifically for you which will result in fewer visits and a quicker treatment time. This is why it’s so important to work with an Invisalign specialist in Sydney such as Dr Hoffenberg.

Sure, dentists who have extensive experience in Invisalign can be more expensive. However, they can also provide a higher level of care.

The Average Cost of Invisalign in Australia

The average cost of Invisalign in Australia can vary greatly depending on the quality of the dentist and the city you’re in.

A full treatment with these invisible braces can range from $2,500 to over $10,000. In Sydney, average Invisalign costs are between about $2,500 to $6,000. However, as we mentioned above, you might find that you get quotes from new or inexperienced dentists for slightly lower. When in doubt, always work with a qualified, experienced dentist you feel comfortable with.

All in all, the average cost of Invisalign in Australia can be as high as $12,000 or more when everything is factored in. However, there are many different financing options available that can make the treatment more affordable. There are also many different discounts and promotions that are offered by Invisalign providers that can help to reduce the overall cost of treatment.

For example, at TLC Dental, we often run discounts and special offers for our Invisalign treatment. In some cases, we’ve been known to reduce the price of full treatment by over $1,700 (with the inclusion of two retainers at the end of your treatment!).

How Much Is Invisalign Without Insurance?

The prices quoted above are the full out-of-pocket costs of Invisalign in Australia without using insurance to cover any costs.

That being said, if your insurance policy has orthodontic coverage, it’s likely that your policy also covers Invisalign. In most cases, it’s considered a similar orthodontic treatment just the same as metal braces. However, that’s not always the case, so it’s definitely a good idea to check on this before you start your treatment plan.

However, as medical benefits differ significantly from policy to policy, each patient should check with their health fund. Additionally, some patients may be required to pay a portion of the cost of Invisalign out of pocket, even if their insurance does cover orthodontic treatment.

Ultimately, the best way to get an accurate estimate of your out-of-pocket costs is to consult with your orthodontist and get a quote based on your specific situation.

Payment Options for Invisalign

Invisalign payments can be made in several ways. Again, the payment and financing options will ultimately depend on which Sydney, Australia dentist you work with. The simplest and most common method is to make a single payment.

At some dental offices, paying in full means you receive discounts. For example, a 5% discount is applied to all treatment plans paid in advance, in full.

There are also flexible payment plans that allow patients to receive the treatment and spread the payment over 12, 18 or 24 months without interest. We offer payment plans so that you’re able to easily make your Invisalign payments. Please ask a member of our staff at the front desk about potential financing options for your treatment.

In some cases, patients can also finance their treatment through their dental insurance provider. Depending on your dental provider, you might find that your entire treatment is covered by your dental insurance. At TLC Dental, we can check this for you before you make your initial payment.

Payment options will vary by the dental practice, so it’s important to speak with a practice representative beforehand to learn about all available options.

Start Your Invisalign Treatment Today

So, how much does Invisalign cost? It depends on your case and your smile goals. The best way to get an accurate quote for your Invisalign treatment is to schedule a consultation at our Sydney office. We are here waiting for you and ready to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Get in touch today to schedule your initial consultation.