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Orthodontics Aren’t Just for Teenagers!

Did you know that a study conducted by the Australian Society of Orthodontists revealed that 78% of adults perceive other adults with crooked teeth as “unsuccessful”?

From personal and romantic relationships to the boardroom, having a smile you can be proud to show off can give you the confidence you need to make big moves, and the best first impression.

With more than 20% of adults unhappy with the way their smile looks, now might be the best time to consider orthodontics.

At TLC Dental, Dr Hoff and his team help Sydney area adults gain back confidence in their smile, providing discreet, fast, and effective orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth reliably, often in less time than ‘traditional’ braces would.

Clear Aligners – the preferred Orthodontics for Adults in Sydney

Traditional braces are unsightly and arguably downright embarrassing for some adults to sport in public. This is especially true for those who work in professional settings such as corporate offices.

For those adults feeling like they missed the window for orthodontic treatment as a teen. Adult orthodontic treatment with solutions like Clear Correct or SureSmile offers an effective and discreet solution that is barely noticeable to all but your closest friends.

Adult Clear Aligners

There are several time-tested clear aligner systems such as SureSmile and Clear Correct. All represent the forefront of orthodontic technology and TLC Dental offers what we feel are the best options for our patients. As an adult, you may have felt like you ‘missed the boat’ on your chance at a straight smile. The thought of a ‘metal mouth’ full of traditional braces is enough to make most adult professionals in Sydney cringe.

Clear aligners offer hope for those who, as an adult, are embarrassed about their smile and misaligned teeth.

Using a series of custom-fabricated clear aligner trays, orthodontic treatment is nearly invisible. In fact, without close inspection, the majority of people won’t even know you have them in.

But discretion isn’t the only major benefit of these adult orthodontics. They work quickly, often achieving results in much less time than traditional braces, all without metal or wires. Comfortable and removable, adult clear aligners let you live your life on your terms, all while getting the results and a smile you deserve.

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