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The spread of COVID-19 continues to affect us all. With the uncertainty of what is yet to come as a result of this pandemic, we continue to monitor the situation and remain focused on the health and safety of the patients we love, our dedicated staff, our community, and our families.

In accordance with the latest recommendations from the ADA (Australian Dental Association), and to make sure we are doing our part to prevent unnecessary exposure to our patients and staff ads well as the further spread of the virus, we will be deferring all routine dental treatments and restricting appointments to urgent treatment and emergencies only.

A toothache is one of the most common dental emergencies. Whether a toothache has come on suddenly, or has been bothering you for a while, knowing the cause is the first step to appropriate treatment. You can start by providing answers to some questions:


  1. Are you experiencing tooth sensitivity to hot or cold?
  2. Is the pain brief, or does it linger?
  3. Does eating make your toothache worse?
  4. Does the tooth ache even when you don’t eat?
  5. When you tap on your tooth, is it painful?
  6. Is your tooth loose?
  7. Is the gum near your affected tooth swollen?
  8. Is your face swollen?
  9. Is your toothache keeping you awake during the night?
  10. If you use a painkiller, does your tooth ache after it wears off?
  11. Is there a hole in your tooth?
  12. Is the tooth broken?


In some cases, a toothache can be resolved with a product from your local pharmacy. In many cases, though, a visit to your dentist is a better approach. While it is not always easy for a person to determine the reason for a toothache, a permanent solution can only be achieved by treating the underlying cause.


A toothache is one dental emergency for which home remedies should be avoided. If you try to treat it yourself, the underlying problem can worsen. The pain may be relieved for a short period of time, but it can eventually lead to complications. Instead of taking risks with your oral health, take the smart approach and contact us for emergency dental services.


At TLC Dental in Sydney, we’re always ready to help when you have a toothache. You can come into our office, or call us at (02) 8599 7107. Whether you’re a new patient or have been to our office before, you’ll appreciate the comfortable environment and our friendly team. Dr Hoffenberg can provide the treatment you need for relief from your toothache, and you can look forward to better oral health.