State Of The Art Dentistry

At our clinic we use state of the art technology, designed to provide our patients with the highest level of dental care, comfort and convenience possible. This includes:

CEREC machine

This is a very sophisticated computer program that allows Dr Hoffenberg to prepare or shape the tooth, design the porcealin crown or filling, and then actually make the restoration in just a few minutes using a 3d printer.

He can then simply polish the porcelain and bond it to your tooth, and that’s it.

  • One visit
  • One injection
  • No temporary crown or filling that can fall out or cause sensitive
  • As strong as any laboratory made crown or filling
  • Long lasting

And you can watch a video and enjoying a cup of hot tea or coffee or even watch the process.


This is a computer that Dr Hoffenberg uses to give you an almost painless injection.

It is designed to deliver the local anaesthetic solution very gently which when combined with Dr Hoffenberg’s already very gentle injection techniques, makes even the most nervous patient feel next to nothing. Our patients say that, not us.

Digital x-ray

Are so low in radiation that Dr Hoffenberg often stays in the room while taking an x-ray. It is also really quick and the x-ray image appears on the TV screen almost instantaneously. By having the image on the screen, he can explain what he sees to you really easily so that you can also understand what is really happening in your mouth.


We have TVs in our ceilings in every room and a large selection of the best movies for you to choose and watch while you have your treatment. It’s amazing how fast the appointment time flies.

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