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Sleep in Peace: TLC Dental Banishes Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Once considered a simple annoyance, snoring is now recognized as a clear red flag of potential health issues and risks.

With everyone dreading both snoring or having to listen to someone else snore, over-the-counter solutions and DIY “Hacks” for treating snoring and sleep apnoea have saturated the market. Yet despite their popularity from those desperate for a solution, few actually treat the problem. Instead, they treat the most notable symptom: the noise. Unfortunately, this treatment of the symptom could lead to more dangerous health implications.

Snoring – A Sign of Health problems

Snoring is often a sign of dangerous health problems or risk of them coming to fruition. Just how dangerous? They can be fatal. If you or a loved one has started snoring, you should visit a health professional immediately. A trained professional can help diagnose the underlying causes, reduce the stress your condition may have on your body and help you explore potential treatment options.

Snoring occurs when an individual is having difficulty breathing; the tissues in your throat may over-relax and block your airways in a condition known as sleep apnoea. When the individual in question attempts to breathe, the over-relaxed tissues vibrate to make the snoring noise.

In short, snoring is your body gasping for breath while sleeping.

Restless sleeping can also be a symptom of sleep apnoea, especially for those who don’t snore. Tossing, turning, and random wake-ups can be caused by your body struggling for air.

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Snoring treatment at TLC Dental

Dr Hoffenberg  has years of experience treating patients for various oral and dental health struggles. Luckily for those with sleep apnoea, this condition can be treated orally. Our friendly and caring staff want to help you understand sleep apnoea, discover whether you have it, and determine the best solution for your case.

We recognize that every patient is different, so not all solutions are appropriate for every individual. Our experienced team will happily answer your questions on the way to a happier, healthier mouth— and a more restful night’s sleep!

What is Sleep Apnoea?

Restless nights and deep snoring can strain your body and leave you exhausted regardless of when you went to sleep.

How can you recognize signs of sleep apnoea without snoring?

If you are constantly exhausted regardless of a full night’s sleep (~6-8 hours), if you are lethargic or have poor memory retention, you may have sleep apnoea.

Why does sleep apnoea only occur in some people and not in others?

Sleep apnoea has several risk factors. Some of it comes down to luck with the gene pool while others can be controlled.

  • Age — muscles can lose tone with age, including those in your throat
  • Airway — naturally narrow airways have a higher risk for apnoea
  • Alcohol Consumption — alcohol is known to relax muscles, thus increasing the risk of apnoea symptoms
  • Anatomy — extra soft tissue in the back of your throat increases your risk of sleep apnoea
  • BMI — those with a BMI equal to or more than 25 are at risk due to excess weight putting pressure on their airways
  • Neck Size — naturally large necks can pressure airways during sleep
  • Sleep Position — sleeping on your back can cause extra pressure on your airways.

How do you treat sleep apnoea?

First, Dr Hoffenberg will ask a few questions to narrow down whether sleep apnoea is causing your issues. If the signs point to yes, he will then refer you for a sleep apnoea test. The test not only confirms the condition, it also helps our team understand the severity.

The severity of your apnoea determines which device will best work for you: a Mandibular Advancement Splint or a Somnodent Appliance. Each device is custom fitted to you and allows for a comfortable night’s sleep. They adjust your jaw as you sleep, working to keep your tissues from obstructing your airways.

I have more questions…

And we have answers! Call our friendly office today to schedule a consultation, learn more about sleep apnoea and snoring, and start moving towards a happier, healthier you.

Don’t Wait Until its Too Late – call us today!

Sleep apnoea is a serious condition that needs urgent attention. If you suspect that your exhaustion may be caused by apnoea, call TLC Dental immediately and schedule a consultation, and our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the necessary steps to ensure a better night’s rest.

Remember, seeking treatment can save your life. Don’t hesitate to seek a professional opinion at the first sign of sleep apnoea.