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The health of your teeth is vital to your overall health and happiness. Missing or damaged teeth, whether caused by disease, neglect, genetics, or medications, can make you self-conscious when you interact with others and impact your quality of life. You may be less inclined to smile because you’re embarrassed to show the gaps in your mouth, or the holes, or the chips in your teeth. But damaged teeth cause more than just aesthetic problems, your health can also suffer and chewing can become a challenge.

Dental Crowns in Sydney CBD are customized for each person whether the issue stems from tooth decay, an accident, or something else. If you thought there was nothing that could be done to replace your teeth, you thought wrong. Today’s dental advances with materials and techniques will have you smiling again quickly. For gaps caused by missing teeth or damaged teeth, crowns and bridges are often used.

What are Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns are often referred to as caps. They’re used to completely cover a tooth that has been damaged but is still healthy and doesn’t need to be pulled, or has a dead root but the full removal will cause issues with other teeth shifting. They’re also used to cover tooth implants. Their purpose is to improve the appearance, shape, and strength of the tooth. The material used to make the crown can be designed to match your other teeth in shape and colour so it will look and feel natural.

Bridges are more of a prosthetic, used to fill the gap left by a missing tooth or two. The bridge is made to attach to other teeth, whether they’re your natural teeth or implants, on either side of the gap. The teeth its being attached to are called abutments and they’re covered with a crown to give them the strength to hold the entire bridge in place. Just like with crowns, the teeth on the bridge can be matched to the shape and colour of your other teeth so they look natural.

Who Should Get Crowns and Bridges?

If you’re missing teeth, have badly damaged teeth either from decay or an accident, you could very well benefit from getting a dental crown or bridge. It’s better to take care of the issue rather than put it off. Missing teeth will cause the surrounding teeth to shift over time and that will cause problems with chewing. Damaged teeth can cause issues with decay and lead to pain when eating.

If you’re not certain which one you need, call Dr Hoffenberg’s office and discuss the options available. We love making sure that people understand what is happening and what can be done to make their teeth last longer.

Are Dental Crowns and Bridges Hard to Care For?

Crowns and bridges are fairly easy to take care of. During the initial phase of getting crowns and bridges, you’ll be fitted and then given something temporary to wear until the permanent ones are finished. There are a few things that will be different from what you’re used to doing. For instance, with a temporary crown or bridge, avoiding sticky foods and hard to bite foods is a good idea. Bite into a caramel candy or a hard nut and you may find your crown in your hand.

There are times when a temporary crown or bridge becomes dislodged and nudged out of line. This is something you can correct easily by simply using a denture adhesive to secure it in place until you can get to the office and have it fixed properly. You’ll need to be mindful of this as you brush because brushing too hard can cause the temporary crown or bridge to move.

Crown and Bridge Services You Can Trust

Missing, broken, damaged teeth don’t have to stop you from living a full life. Dr Hoffenberg and our staff are passionate about finding a solution that fixes your smile, fits your goals and fits your budget. Call us today at (02) 8599 7107 to schedule an appointment with Dr Hoffenberg for a Dental Crowns consultation at his Sydney dental centre.