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The words “You have a cavity” are words everyone hopes to never hear. Despite doing everything right, you are at your dental cleaning with no idea you have a cavity, but here you are.

Not all cavities make their presence known right away. Having your teeth cleaned by a TLC Dental every 6 months is important. This allows the dentist to perform an oral exam to ensure that your teeth or in great shape. You may have been told that your dentist is watching a certain area from time to time. These areas are weak points that the dentist will keep an eye on to ensure they don’t form into cavities.

Most people understand that when there is a cavity, something will need to be done. In most cases, it will simply need a filling, and you will be on your way. However, many people don’t really know what happens if you ignore your cavities.

We hope that by educating you about what happens when you have a cavity, you will make basic dental hygiene a part of your everyday practice. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect if a cavity goes untreated.

A Bad Cavity Might Cause More Decay.

Cavities do not go away on their own. If you neglect a cavity, it will continue to increase in size. One cavity can quickly lead to another. The decay of the tooth causes it to broaden and deepen, making it more prone to being brittle, which can lead it to crack and break.

How Serious Cavities Affect Your Nerves

Taking it a step further, if cavities are not treated, the deterioration will eventually reach your nerves. Because nerves become exposed to air as a cavity grows, this can be quite painful. As the sensitivity of the tooth continues to be compromised, the pain will increase to become almost unbearable. If you wait to this point, the tooth will either require a root canal or be pulled. These could be avoided by filling the tooth as soon as the cavity is discovered, in most cases.

Cavity Infection

Even more concerning than the pain you may be experiencing, infection in the mouth and jaw area is the most serious concern. Infection can cause increased discomfort, edema, and other health issues. You’ll need an antibiotic to help battle the infection and dental treatment to treat the cavity in whatever way the dentist believes is best. This can not only affect your oral health but also your overall health.

Illness and Death

While it may be difficult to believe, a cavity can actually develop an infection that is severe enough to cause significant sickness or even death. Thankfully, current technology ensures that this is rarely the case. However, there’s no reason to wait that long.

As you can see, allowing a cavity to develop has a snowball effect. When cavities first appear, treatment is simple; however, ignoring them might result in far more complicated treatment. If you suspect you have a cavity, you should see your dentist right away.

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