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State Of The Art Emergency Dental Care

Often when we think of the word “emergency” we are not likely to envision a trip to the dentist’s office. In fact, when we speak of emergencies most of us will imagine being rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital emergency room. The truth is that emergent dental care needs arise more often than most people think.

Let’s imagine one of your kids is riding his bike around the neighborhood, finally getting outside for some fresh air and exercise. Suddenly they ride too fast over a bump in the road and end up falling, head over heels off the bike. When they hit the pavement, it is face first causing blunt trauma to the face and mouth. When your child comes running into the house their mouth is bleeding and, upon examination, you notice that a permanent front tooth is extremely loose as you start to clean up the blood the tooth falls out completely. What do you do now?

Emergency Dentists Are Not The Same as Regular Dentists

Your first thought might be to rush over to a dentist, but the sun has set and your regular dentist does not have emergency dental hours. At that point, you would be in a bad spot with no way to get the immediate dental assistance you need for your child. Did you know that there are emergency dental clinics available? Much the same as if your child became seriously ill during hours when your regular doctor’s office is closed, you would head to urgent care or hospital emergency room. Dental emergencies are the same, allowing people to come in for access to emergent dental care during the evenings or weekends when regular dental offices are closed. These urgent care dental offices are also open to making dental appointments on the spot, for those who cannot afford to wait on taking care of a dental-related issue.

Emergency Dentist for Sports Injuries

Dental emergencies are also quite common for those who play sports. Mouth injuries occur quite frequently for those who play baseball, soccer or football. While the injuries related to being involved with sports can be painful, they are not serious enough to be a high-risk level, but you can find yourself experiencing blunt trauma to the teeth. When this happens, a trip to an emergency dental clinic is a reasonable thing to do. For example, you may decide that it sounds fun to play a game of baseball with some friends. All it takes is a moment where you miss that catch and the ball hits you in the mouth for you to warrant an emergency dental clinic visit. It would be terrible for you to have to wait until your regular dentist could work you into the schedule. Not only would you be miserable due to the level of pain, but you would likely also have a hard time presenting yourself in public if you were missing a tooth. This can make it hard to eat and speak properly as well. Emergency dental care clinics are there for a reason, for you to get the immediate dental care you need when accidents happen.

State of the Art Dentistry

At TLC Dental, we use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to offer our patients the most comfort, convenience, and the highest level of dental care possible.

There are several ways we use this state-of-the-art technology to accomplish a comfortable and convenient visit. One way is with a Wand. Dr. Hoffenberg, who is already very gentle with his techniques, uses this computer to deliver local anesthetic solutions very gently and almost painlessly according to their patients. Even the most anxious have been surprised.

The Digital X-Ray is another piece of equipment that is state of the art at our office. It is so low in radiation that Dr. Hoffenberg can stay in the room with the patient. There is a screen where the images show up almost instantaneously. This saves time for each patient and the Dr. as he can readily explain what he sees and the patient can see and understand what is happening inside the mouth.

One of the most exciting ways they are up to date with technology is their very own CEREC machine. CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction. It is a very sophisticated system designed to make high-quality porcelain crowns or fillings. With this high-tech system, patients won’t have to come back for a second appointment while the crown is being made. It is all done during one single visit within just a few minutes.

Patients can even watch one of the movies they offer on a ceiling TV, available in every room, or patients can watch the process while sipping a cup of hot coffee or tea. The CEREC machine works to create fillings or restorations for the tooth. The 3D technology works by taking the Optic Impression and will make it into a virtual model on the computer screen. The data is sent to a milling machine somewhere in the dental office. A small ceramic piece that looks exactly like the patient’s own tooth color is placed in the machine. A short time later, the porcelain is done and prepared for polishing, and professionally attached to the tooth.

There is no need for a second visit to the dentist or more than one injection. There are no temporary crowns or fillings that can fall out. They are just as strong and long-lasting as any laboratory-made crown or filling.

With this cutting-edge technology, patients find there is no need to feel anxious during this kind of dental visit. For more information on this state-of-the-art technology call us at 02 8599 7107 to schedule a FREE Smile Assessment.